Scale of the Conventional Mediation

Opening application fee: 3000 DH excluding VAT and borne by the mediation applicant.

The proposed fees are borne equally by the parties and are as follows:

Dispute Amount CMMB Fee excluding VAT
from 1 MDH to 2,5 MDH 0.70%
from 2.5 MDH to 5 MDH 0.70%
from 5 MDH to 10 MDH 0.60%
from 10 MDH to 15 MDH 0.60%
from 15 MDH to 30 MDH 0.50%
from 30 MDH to 60 MDH 0.40%
from 60 MDH to 100 MDH 0.30%
over 100 MDH 0.20%

The fees received by the Centre from the parties in equal shares will be made in stages on the basis of a percentage of the amount in dispute.

In case of conflict on the amount in dispute, the amount withheld is the average of the amounts claimed by the parties.

Fees excluding VAT are settled by the parties as follows:

  • 1 / a 50% share of the total amount stated in the parties application of litigation payable when signing the mediation agreement
  • 2 / a 50% of the amount or balance pursuant to the final amount of the dispute resolution contained in the settlement agreement or the minutes of non-conciliation at the delivery of the settlement agreement or minutes of non-conciliation.