The Mediator, assisted by his colleagues, manages the CMMB. Its role is to listen to the parties to reconcile their points of view and offer them the appropriate solution to the dispute between them. The Mediator is bound by confidentiality and respect for professional secrecy towards third parties. He is chosen based on his experience, his impartiality and his moral and professional authority.

After referral, the Mediator proceeds to settle disputes in complete independence both from customers and from credit institutions in a spirit of fairness, transparency, neutrality and saving of resources (time and costs).

The Mediator issues reliable and concerted proposals for disputes falling within his scope of intervention and the powers conferred on him for this purpose, within the set deadlines.

The Mediator, a local player, remains attentive to the expectations of customers and credit institutions, so as to be able to strengthen their confidence in this alternative method of conflict resolution.