Hicham Hiddak - Moroccan consultant residing in Switzerland

Mr. Mediator / Director of the Moroccan Banking Mediation Center,

With these few words, I would like to express my appreciation of the diligence you have demonstrated following my request. Your mediation made it possible in a very short time to resolve my dispute, the value of which does not exceed 11,000 DHS and which has lasted for several years with a banking establishment. Taking legal action would have been excessive given the value of the dispute. However, it seems necessary to me to be able to hold a banking establishment accountable, whatever the value of the dispute. Thanks to you, it’s possible.

I am fully aware that your rapid and effective intervention will have been decisive. In my opinion, your action perfectly justifies the essential mission entrusted to you, and it reassures me to know that an organization like yours exists to mediate between simple users facing powerful structures, like what is done in so-called developed countries. I can testify to this as I, who, in the context of my professional activity in Switzerland in the international banking environment, note that the quality of CMMB’s intervention has nothing to envy of those of similar organizations in Europe (for comparison’s sake). ): immediate support, very good listening skills, availability, independence/neutrality and free service.

My thanks once again, to you, Mr. Mediator, as well as to your team.

With all my gratitude.

Mehdi Fassi Fihri - SACOM Development Director

With this testimony, I would like to pay tribute and thank the Director of the Moroccan Banking Mediation Center as well as his teams, who were able to provide a positive and effective response to our request for mediation in the context of a file that remained pending for almost two years.

The Banking Mediation Center, through its involvement and that of its Director, was able to create the conditions for a calm and constructive discussion allowing each party to put forward their point of view, supporting elements, and to reach an agreement within a very short time.

Saïd Bekkari - Company administrator


I would like to thank Mr. the Mediator and the Center, for the mediation cited above, which made it possible to reach an amicable outcome for the dispute arising from an erroneous action by the bank.

The terms of intervention and the amicable nature of the solution allowed the maintenance of good collaborative links and the continuation of activities with this bank.

It would perhaps be useful if the existence of this Center and its role were the subject of an information campaign among the public, because many are unaware of its a role which can only be beneficial, and even serve as a “prevention” to the opening of legal proceedings which are often long and costly, for those concerned as for the community in general, due to the current congestion of the courts.

Renewed thanks

Best regards

Sunil Abakoy - HR Director Grupo Gil Comes


I hereby wish to express my sincere thanks to you for helping me to return the sums that my Bank had taken from me as part of ‘an insurance product and that she had failed to reimburse me for five years despite the various writings I made to claim my money.

Thanks to your intervention, the Bank returned my money within a month, after five years of nonchalance and lack of no response from the Bank.

I thank you once again for the speed with which you processed my file, for your professionalism, for the interest you gave to my file and for the warm telephone welcome you gave me.

Najiya BOUNA Retraitée - marketing consultant

To the kind attention of Mr. CMMB Mediator and Mr. LAZRAK


            Allow me to tell you all the pleasure I had in meeting you having asked you to intervene in a dispute between me, without naming it here , to a local credit company.

I cannot express to you enough my great satisfaction, both for the listening and understanding and for the efficiency and speed which were yours, as for the most favorable outcome of my case.

I owe it, and without falling into excess or subjective praise, to the formidable human dimension that was yours and to the professionalism that earned during the very brief period of processing my case. Yes, I insist on this aspect of brevity, which undeniably reflects your firm desire to “complete”, and successfully, the files submitted to you, which, honestly, neutralizes some lackluster cliché images that we is done in administration and public service in general.

The choice to entrust you with the reins of this institution will have been most relevant, given a double vocation which distinguishes you and which I emphasize here: a vocation ‘ ‘job’ and a natural vocation, the relationship with the person.

You have prioritized common sense and fairness, opting for a fair defense of clients’ interests without disfavoring the organizations at the heart of the dispute.< /span>

Also, I am deeply grateful to you for the delicate attention you gave me and, moreover, for the quality of the service, which, I reiterate, will have was impeccable.

I remain convinced that I am not the only beneficiary of this quality, and that no doubt can be allowed as to its application to all and certainly to its constancy, having made it, and rightly so, your trademark.

You have been remarkable, be deeply thanked, and remain what you are, institutions do not make men, but men do indeed make the institutions.


Naoual JIHAR - Engineer

Mr. Mediator.

I hereby wish to express my thanks to you and express my appreciation of the attention you paid to my request for mediation in the context of of a case of non-closure of a bank account which lasted approximately eight years, despite my numerous protests. You helped me resolve my dispute, the value of which reached 8,627.71 DHS, by reaching an agreement, within a very short time.

Listening, trust, discretion, mediation, impartiality, independence & gratuity are qualities that perfectly qualify your institution, I would like to once again thank you, Mr. Mediator, as well as your team.

With all my gratitude.

Best regards,

Fassi Fihri Abderrahim - Former retired senior bank executive

Hello Mr. Mediator,

Thanks to an incident which lasted several years with a large banking establishment in Casablanca for a relatively modest amount of 25,000.00 DH, a friend advised me to contact the Moroccan Banking Mediation Center.

I must say that this advice was beneficial to me since not only did I find an attentive ear among the staff of this organization but above all my problem was solved definitively and to my great satisfaction, all in a short time. record.

I believe that my case is typical of what users of banking services expect to resolve problems, disputes that they might encounter with their banks and which generally concern relatively modest sums.

Thus, instead of resorting to the often long and expensive legal procedure, the often distraught customer could call on this unit affiliated with Bank Al Maghrib and explain their problem in order to reach a transactional agreement with their Bank.

Professional efficiency, quality of reception and speed of treatment were the many words that characterized the mediator’s intervention as far as I am concerned.

I objectively think that given the commitment experienced by the judicial circuit, the mediation formula is a pragmatic and conciliatory response to settle disputes when they involve modest amounts.

This would considerably avoid sterile and often dead-end correspondence.

Once again, I say a big thank you to the mediator team for their kindness, their efficiency and the speed they demonstrated.

I also urge all those, like me, who encounter problems or disputes with their bank over often small amounts, to use the free services of this unit.

Mariem Saad - Reception assistant


I would like to thank you for all your efforts to resolve my problem with my bank branch, a situation that has been dragging on for several years and which could never have been possible be arranged without your intervention, given that the bank staff does not assume their responsibility and lacks professionalism. I am very grateful, you were quick and efficient, you gave me confidence. I do not regret having submitted my file to you. I am satisfied to have worked with your teams and especially Mr. LAZRAK who was very friendly and understanding.

Thank you very much,

Manatress S.A.R.L.

We would like to express to Mr. Mediator and his collaborator our gratitude and our satisfaction for their mediation, without which, our dispute with our bank which lasted three years, would not yet be resolved. Thank you very much for the speed with which you handled our case.

Please accept, Mr. Mediator, our most respectful greetings.

Jamal Aboulfadile

Good morning

I hereby come to testify to the effectiveness of the Moroccan Banking Mediation Center which allowed me to resolve my problem with a credit company when I wanted to repay my loan early.

In fact, the credit company demanded payment, in addition to the outstanding capital (55,112 DH), of amounts exceeding 6,000 DH (in the form of interest, release fees and above all 3 loan installments) instead of complying to the contract which provided for a right representing one month’s interest on the CRD (totalling 500 DH), and above all, I would like to point out, did not provide me with a serious and knowledgeable contact person to take charge of my case.

Using CMMB allowed me, not only to pay the CRD only, (I would be contacted subsequently to withdraw my release), but also allowed me to be truly considered as a client by the credit company .

For these two achievements, I thank the authorities for having provided such a mechanism to find a solution to disputes that may arise between credit organizations and customers and I thank very much the manager who took care of me (me and my file ).

ISMAILI Moulay Ali El Alaoui

Following our telephone conversation, I would like to thank you very warmly for the diligence you showed and the interest you showed in processing my mediation request;

I am pleasantly surprised and surprised by the effectiveness of your intervention which influenced the outcome of this very delicate situation.

Thanks to you, the problem is now resolved and I am very grateful to you.

François Gesnouin

Hello Mr. El GHORFI

I wanted to particularly thank you and your team for the attention and interest you were kind enough to give to my complaint against my bank.

I didn’t know where to go to resolve my dispute with this bank which remained silent to all my most legitimate requests…

Now I know ! It is at the Moroccan Banking Mediation Center.

I was listened to and my case was taken into consideration.

It is therefore for this reason that I am taking the time to write you this email because without the care with which you handled my file, and your competence which I was able to appreciate throughout our discussions and meetings, I would not would probably never have succeeded…

I therefore ask you, Mr. El Ghorfi, to accept a big thank you from a “bank user” who found himself in an impasse and to whom you enabled him to obtain respect for his rights from a specific bank. to ignore them…

Receive, Mr. El Ghorfi, my most respectful greetings.

Dr. Nafii Mohamed - Professor, consultant

Mr. President of the CMMB

Following great dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction caused by the abusive invoicing of sums without supporting documents at the end of a fully settled mortgage loan taken out in 2000, with a large bank specialized in real estate loans in Casablanca, and due to the loss of confidence in this bank and its credibility in my eyes, I requested the services of the Moroccan Center for Banking Mediation (CMMB) .

With efficiency, courtesy, professionalism and a sense of proportion, Mr. EL GHORFI and the CMMB team carried out effective institutional mediation, facing the bank in question ensuring the amounts claimed.

Even if the mediation did not succeed, like me, in obtaining proof of the sums improperly claimed, he raised the file to the level it merit.

The CMMB is an organization I trust, I validated its recommendations by paying the amounts requested without supporting documents.

The CMMB is an institution which participates effectively in establishing the rule of law which certain managers in the bank in question still doubt (notably the head of the litigation department and his team)…

So thank you to the mediator, Mr. EL GHORFI and to the CMMB team, their services constitute a source of pride for our country. The quality of the services of this institution is positioned at the level of the quality of similar services in large developed countries.

It is the attentive ear of customers abused and harmed by certain questionable banking practices.

It is the voice of the voiceless among certain despised clienteles (Moroccans living in Morocco and Moroccans living abroad). By certain practices, from another age incompatible with the place that Morocco deserves under the leadership of His Majesty Mohamed VI, guarantor of the rule of law, may God protect and glorify him.

Congratulations to the Moroccan Banking Mediation Center.