Ombudsman / Director of CMMB

The Ombudsman assisted by his staff manages the CMMB. His role is to listen parties to reconcile their views and offer them the right solution to their dispute. The Ombudsman is bound by confidentiality and to respect professional secrecy towards third parties. The Board of Director nominates the Ombudsman basing on his experience, his impartiality and his moral and professional authority. After the seisin, the Ombudsman proceeds to litigation in total independence towards Clients and Credit Institutions in a spirit of fairness, transparency, neutrality and resource savings (time and costs). The Ombudsman makes reliable and joint proposals for disputes within his scope of action and powers conferred upon them for this purpose and this in due time. The Ombudsman as a local stakeholder remains attentive to the needs of Clients and Credit Institutions, so as to strengthen their confidence in alternative dispute resolution.