Moroccan Centre of Banking Mediation

The Moroccan Centre of Banking Mediation al Wassit Al Banki«المركز المغربي للوساطة البنكية», whose statutes were adopted at the constituent General Assembly held on 26 June 2013 in Casablanca is constituted as a non-profit organization.

The Centre’s mission is the settlement of disputes arising or which may arise between the banks, the Financing Companies and Associations of Micro-Credit and their Clients through two mediation measures, one institutional and other conventional and that, under the conditions and in the manner prescribed by the law and the rules of mediation.

The Centre can organize events aimed at raising awareness and promotion of banking mediation.

It may also enter into any partnership with public or private organizations, national or international in order to develop this dispute resolution method.

Al Wassit Al Banki Members

The Center is made up of active founding members, active members and honorary members.

The active members who provide their effective and permanent support to the activities of the Center and participate in its operation are:

Active members

  • The Professional Association of Payment Institutions;
  • The General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises;
  • The Federation of Moroccan Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Services

Founding active members

  • Bank Al-Maghrib ;
  • The Professional Group of Banks of Morocco;
  • The Professional Association of Finance Companies;
  • The National Agency for the Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises;
  • The National Federation of Microcredit Associations;

Honorary members

Honorary members are those who are known for their competence and independence.

Any natural person, any association recognized as being of public utility or any other legal entity whose corporate purpose aims at the same objectives as those of the Center, can also be approved as an active member or honorary member.

    Governance bodies

Board of directors

The Council is made up of active members and independent personalities chosen by the general assembly because of their expertise and professional experience in banking, financial or legal matters. The number of independent personalities is set by the ordinary general assembly. Board of Directors is chaired by Wali Bank Al Maghreb in his capacity. The President may invite the mediator to participate in the deliberations in an advisory capacity. He can also summon any person whose presence he considers necessary.

The Management Committee

The Council may delegate part of its responsibilities to the Management Committee. The composition, responsibilities and operating procedures of this Committee are set by the Internal Regulations of the Center.

The Mediator

The Mediator is vested with the broadest powers to direct the Center. He exercises all actions and authorizes all acts which are not reserved for the General Assembly or the Board of Directors. The Council may delegate part of its responsibilities to the Mediator. The Deputy Mediator is vested with the same prerogatives as the Mediator in the event of absence of the latter. The Mediator is appointed by the Council, which sets the emoluments. He must present all guarantees of impartiality, both with regard to credit establishments and similar organizations, as well as their managers and customers, as well as recognized skills in legal and financial matters. The mission of the Mediator is for two years renewable by tacit agreement. The Mediator is assisted by collaborators chosen, after advice of the Management Committee, because of their competence, their experience professional and their integrity. The Mediator prepares each year, for the attention of the Council, an annual report on his activity, the nature of the disputes handled as well as the difficulties encountered. He can make recommendations with a view to improving the functioning of the system of Banking Mediation. The mission of the Mediator is terminated:

  • Either at his request after three months’ notice;
  • Either by decision of the Council in the event of serious failure to fulfill its mission or for any other cause.

In these two cases, the Council must replace the Mediator.