Moroccan Centre of Banking Mediation

The Moroccan Centre of Banking Mediation CMMB«المركز المغربي للوساطة البنكية», whose statutes were adopted at the constituent General Assembly held on 26 June 2013 in Casablanca is constituted as a non-profit organization.

The Centre’s mission is the settlement of disputes arising or which may arise between the banks, the Financing Companies and Associations of Micro-Credit and their Clients through two mediation measures, one institutional and other conventional and that, under the conditions and in the manner prescribed by the law and the rules of mediation.

The Centre can organize events aimed at raising awareness and promotion of banking mediation.

It may also enter into any partnership with public or private organizations, national or international in order to develop this dispute resolution method.

Founding Members

The founding members of the Centre are:

• Bank Al-Maghrib (BKAM)
• the National Agency for the Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprise (ANPME)
• The Moroccan Banking Association (GPBM)
• the Professional Association of Financing Companies (APSF);
• National Federation of Associations of Micro Credit (FNAM).

Board of directors

The Board of Directors of the Centre consists of directors representing the founding members and independent directors chosen for their honesty and their expertise and experience in legal, banking and finance.

Executive Committee

The Centre has an Executive Committee whose members are appointed by the Board of Directors. The Board authorizes the Executive Committee some of their functions.

The Ombudsman

The Ombudsman is vested with the broadest powers to direct the Centre and take all necessary measures for their daily management.