CMMB Field of Competence

CMMB Field of Competence

Are eligible for CMMB Mediation disputes relating to the management of:

• current accounts;
• deposit accounts;
• savings accounts;
• and means of payment.

Including issues relating to :

• The operation of deposit accounts regardless of their nature;
• The operation of securities accounts;
• Bank insurance;
• The challenge of accounting entries;
• The conditions applied to bank transactions;
• Management of joint accounts;
• The implementation of commitments made in the context of banking contracts;
• The account closure.
• The debt recovery if non-payment is due to a case of dismissal or an unexpected social situation, in accordance with the provisions of Article 111 of Law No. 31-08 enacting consumer protection measures ;
• The difficulties of payment by small or medium-sized enterprise of bank loans
• The unmet repayment terms of financial aid;
• The issuing of documents to Clients (release, amortization schedule, outstanding certificate …).

Are excluded from the scope of mediation issues inherent to debts collection by Credit Institutions.

The Customer must refer in writing their Credit Institution of their litigation before submitting the CMMB.