The mission of the Moroccan Centre of Mediation Centre “Al Wassit Al Banki”, created under the Law of Association (Dahir No. 1-58-376 of 15 November 1958), is the settlement of disputes arising or which may arise between Clients and Credit Institutions, which include Banks, Finance Companies and Micro-credit Associations, through two mediation measures, one institutional and the other conventional, in accordance with the law (law 08-05 and law 31-08) and regulatory provisions (mediation rules).

The mediation rule of the al Wassit Al Banki defines the basic principles governing the relationship between the Centre on one hand, banks, finance companies, associations of Micro-Credit and their Clients on the other hand. It defines the Centre seisin procedures and the treatment of mediation cases.

The Customer must refer their Credit Institution of their litigation before referring the al Wassit Al Banki.

The Centre operates through the measure hereafter:

Institutional mediation measure

Are eligible for consideration by the Centre as part of this measure disputes between the parties relating to:

• Current accounts, term accounts and savings accounts;

• Means of payment;

• Financial aids repayment terms;

• Issuance of documents to customers (release, amortization schedule, outstanding certificate…).

Are also eligible to that compartment, folders linked to:

• The recovery of claims in the event that non-payment is due to a case of dismissal or an unexpected social situation, in accordance with article 111 of Law No. 31-08 enact consumer protection measures;

• The difficulties of regulation, by all SMEs, bank loans.

The use of the above measures is voluntary and free of charge. The Ombudsman of the Centre provides the processing of mediation cases.