Who are we?

The Moroccan Centre of Banking Mediation is an associative institution created by the banking community under the supervision of Bank Al-Maghrib, guarantor of the independence and impartiality of the Ombudsman.

What is our mission?

The amicable settlement of disputes between the Banks, Finance Companies, the Micro-Credit associations and their Clients through two mediation measures, one institutional and the other conventional and this, as provided by the laws and rules in force.

What is Mediation?

This is an alternative dispute resolution system for disputes arising or that may arise between the parties.

What are the advantages of mediation procedure?

– Voluntary, confidential, and:

  • Free through institutional mediation;
  • Charged under conventional mediation (for disputes whose amount is greater than 1 MDH);

– Independent, transparent, fair, neutral and fast;

– The use of this procedure is without prejudice to the rights of the parties to have recourse to arbitration courts or common law, and this, after completion of the mediation.

Who can refer Al Wassit Al Banki?

The client, individual or corporation who:

– Referred their Credit Institution of the dispute that opposes them and has exhausted all domestic remedies (mandatory condition before referral)

– Have not received a response from the Credit Institution on time;

– Are not satisfied with the follow-up of their claim by the Credit Institution;

– Did not initiate judicial or arbitral procedure for the dispute to be submitted to mediation before or in parallel.

How to refer Al Wassit Al Banki?

By mail, by email, or by handing in to Al Wassit Al Banki. The client’s request for mediation must bring out the nature of the dispute, the facts and its claims with all supporting documents needed *.

* Personal data is protected according to law 09-08

How proceeds Al Wassit Al Banki?

After admissibility of the file, the Ombudsman has a regulatory period of 30 days (institutional mediation) and a legal period of 90 days (conventional mediation), unless motivated prorogation, to reconcile the views of the parties and offer them the appropriate solution.

Who manages Al Wassit Al Banki?

The Ombudsman assisted by his staff manages Al Wassit Al Banki in compliance with ethical standards and fundamental principles of mediation.

What is the goal of Al Wassit Al Banki?

Establish Mediation as an alternative method of dispute settlement, reliable and credible, between Clients and Credit Institutions.