Al Wassit Al Banki Field of Competence Disputes between the parties relating to:

  • to current accounts, savings accounts and securities accounts;
  • means of payment;
  • the conditions for reimbursement of financial assistance;
  • the delivery of all documents to Clients (releases, amortization tables, certificates of outstanding amounts, bank statements, copies of contracts and various other documents);
  • operations relating to the marketing of insurance contracts directly linked to a banking product or service distributed by the Establishment;
  • to the recovery of debts in the event that non-payment is due to dismissal or an unforeseeable social situation, in accordance with the provisions of article 111 of law No. 31-08 enacting protection measures of the consumer.
  • the difficulties in settling bank debts by very small and medium-sized businesses.
  • As well as all other banking or financing transactions.

The Customer must contact his Credit Establishment regarding the dispute before entering the Al Wassit Al Banki.