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Mediation is an amicable procedure for litigation resolution, by which two parties ask a third party, the Ombudsman, to help them reach an agreement to end their dispute or prevent judicial litigation.

The Ombudsman is neutral in the conflict and independent of the parties. By the mediation process, the Ombudsman fosters the exchange of views and attempts to bring the parties to explore solutions acceptable to them.

Mediation is an alternative mode of dispute settlement for conflicts embedded in the Moroccan Code of Civil Procedure (Conventional Mediation).

The Banking Mediation is designed as a contractual and voluntary process looking for an agreed solution between Credit Institutions and their Clients on the occasion of a dispute between them (see the two measures provided for this purpose).

The Banking Mediation promotes the reconciliation of parties’ views to take advantage of acceptable solutions and allows carrying on existing business relations before the outbreak of the dispute.

The Banking Mediation allows negotiation between the parties, assisted by a neutral and independent Ombudsman well versed in the processes and trained in Mediation techniques.

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You have a litigation with your Credit Institution and you do not find a solution.

The Ombudsman through his experience, his impartiality and moral and professional authority can help you find solutions to your dispute.

Be sure to reffer your Credit Institution of your litigation before reffering the CMMB.


The Moroccan Centre for Banking Mediation CMMB «المركز المغربي للوساطة البنكية», whose statutes were adopted at the constituent General Assembly held on 26 June 2013 in Casablanca, is constituted as a non-profit organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to refer the CMMB?

By mail, by email, or by handing in to the CMMB. The client’s request for mediation must bring out the nature of the dispute, the facts and his claims with all supporting documents needed *.

* Personal data is protected according to law 09-08

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The Steps of Referral to the Ombudsman


Mediation Request

By clicking on the link, you will have access to a form that will allow you to fill your mediation recourse, in few minutes.

Gather all the information and documents you have to attach to your claim.

Your file will be reviewed once every credentials are approved and the Ombudsman will make a response.

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